Perfect fashion sense then as now: New York, Montreal, Constantinople, London, Paris, Berlin – Daniel Heinrich Pollak established his shoe production works with farsighted global intentions more than a century and a half ago. He travelled the world on an eager quest for fashion and perfection. And no one knew better what people were simply longing to find and experience in shoes. Shoes as a perfect facet of self-expression and shoes as pure luxury in the lives of ordinary people everywhere. HUMANIC is today the irrepressibly creative leader of the European shoe business with its network of over 150 stores in nine countries.


The company began as D.H. Pollak & Co in 1872. It had scarcely started work when countless inquiries began to pour in from around the world. In a very short time the company had become a leader in fashion and one of the biggest shoe producers in Central Europe with a staggering 20,000 pairs a week. Many of these fine shoes were sold in a network of quality show shops everywhere in the vast Austro-Hungarian Empire, while world-wide exports flourished simultaneously under the name Goodyear Welt Schuhfabrik. In 1907 the subsidiary company HUMANIC was established under the name »American Shoe House Humanic« and opened a first shop in Vienna.

This company had the resilience to survive incredibly difficult times. Most of its very successful business network was lost as a result of the First World War. Despite this production company purchase was successfully negotiated, the Allgemeine Österreichische Schuh-Aktien-Gesellschaft. But the companies in the newly independent nation states that emerged after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were lost to the firm. Faced with these gigantic changes the company focused on the small Austrian market trading as Humanic Leder und Schuh AG, Vienna-Graz. Despite all difficulties of global recession it was a resounding success and by 1930 had already opened 60 stores.

By the start of the swinging1960s the leather and shoe business was exporting to Western Europe and Scandinavia. Over 3,000 shoe retailers throughout Europe were supplied from the own production works of the company with powerful support from its own wholesaler network. The label Leder und Schuh (a joint-stock company since 1990), has been a continuing success ever since. Humanic only sold its shoes on its own account in Austria until 1991. This has now changed completely and a network of Humanic own stores now reaches out to serve shoe lovers in nine European countries.


From timeless classics to top fashion creations and with matching accessories for each item – we offer everything the discerning woman, man and child of taste can wish for today in our range of outstanding breadth and quality. Top brands such as Converse, Nike or Tommy Hilfiger, plus 20 superior brands of our own (including Pat Calvin, Kate Gray and Kalman&Kalman) are the guarantee of product excellence and quality.


You can experience every trend and development of ours whenever you wish in online shop humanic.net and also place any order you please sent direct to your door completely free of all delivery charges. In addition you can also use our click & collect service to order your favorite new shoes online and collect them at the store of your choice.

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